July 22, 2024


Whether or not you’re a brand new pupil, a thriving startup, or the biggest enterprise, you’ve got monetary constraints, and it’s essential know what you’re spending, the place, and how you can plan for the longer term. No one needs a shock in terms of the invoice, and that is the place Azure Value Administration and Billing is available in.

We’re all the time on the lookout for methods to be taught extra about your challenges and the way Azure Value Administration and Billing may also help you higher perceive the place you’re accruing prices within the cloud, establish and forestall unhealthy spending patterns, and optimize prices to empower you to do extra with much less. Listed here are just a few of the most recent enhancements and updates primarily based in your suggestions:

Let’s dig into the main points.


Viewing amortized prices in the fee evaluation preview

The associated fee evaluation preview launched a new Reservations view when it was first announced in November 2020. The Reservations view shows the total amortized cost for each reservation with a breakdown by resource to facilitate chargeback. Now that same option has been extended to other preview views, allowing you to view amortized cost for your resources, resource groups, or subscriptions. Simply open the view you need, then select Customize and switch from Actual cost to Amortized cost.

If you’re not familiar, amortization splits the purchase price of your reservations into daily chunks and allocates these out to the resources that received the benefit. Let’s say you purchased a VM reservation for $365 on January 1. Enabling amortization will show $1 every day throughout the year. If your VM ran the full day, it’ll get the full $1 for that day. If you only ran it for 12 hours one day, then you’ll see $0.50 for the VM and $0.50 for the unused reservation. This is lost savings from your pre-paid, reserved capacity, so you’ll want to keep an eye on that. This is exactly what the Reservations view helps you do. And beyond that, what you can use amortized cost for.

Keep using the preview and let us know what you’d like to see next.


Reminder: Cloudyn retiring on June 30

Microsoft acquired Cloudyn in July 2017 to bring a wealth of cost management experience and capabilities to the broader Azure community. Many organizations have known and loved the capabilities Cloudyn brought to the table and now that many of these have been (or are being) integrated into Azure Cost Management, Cloudyn will be retiring on June 30, 2021. Whether you relied on cross-cloud cost governance or cost allocation and chargeback, or maybe you simply need basic cost reporting, accountability, and optimization, Azure Cost Management has you covered. And that’s not all. There’s even more in the roadmap coming this year, so stay tuned.

If you’re a Cloud Solution Provider still using Cloudyn, we’ve already reached out to you, but as a reminder, you (and your customers) will be able to view, manage, and optimize costs using Azure Cost Management once you transition to Microsoft Customer Agreement and an Azure plan. Again, Cloudyn will be retiring on June 30, 2021, and will no longer be accessible. We thank you for your patronage and look forward to supporting you and your financial goals with Azure Cost Management.


What’s new in Cost Management Labs

With Cost Management Labs, you get a sneak peek at what’s coming in Azure Cost Management and can engage directly with us to share feedback and help us better understand how you use the service, so we can deliver more tuned and optimized experiences. Here are a few features you can see in Cost Management Labs:

  • Remember last-used scope Now available in the public portal

    Azure Cost Management now remembers the last scope you used, making it easier than ever to pick up where you left off. You can see the preview in Cost Management Labs.
  • New: Confirm billing policy status in Configuration

    Updated Configuration screen that separates scope and cost management settings and shows whether Cost Management, Reservations, and Azure Marketplace are enabled for your Enterprise Agreement billing account or Microsoft Customer Agreement billing profile.
  • View cost for your resources

    The cost for your resources is one click away from the resource overview in the preview portal. Just click View cost to quickly jump to the cost of that particular resource.
  • Change scope from the menu

    Change scope from the menu for quicker navigation. You can opt-in using Try Preview. Share feedback about this preview.
  • Open configuration items in the main menu

    This is an experimental option to show the selected configuration screen as a nested menu item in the Cost Management menu. You can opt-in using Try Preview from Cost Management Labs. Share feedback about this preview.
  • Streamlined Cost Management menu

    Only show settings in Configuration. Remove Cloudyn, Exports, and Connectors for AWS from the Cost Management menu. You can opt-in using Try Preview from Cost Management Labs. Share feedback about this preview.

Of course, that’s not all. Every change in Azure Cost Management is available in Cost Management Labs a week before it’s in the full Azure portal. We’re eager to hear your thoughts and understand what you’d like to see next. What are you waiting for? Try Cost Management Labs today.


New ways to save money with Azure

This month was packed with 16 new and upcoming ways to help you optimize your costs:


Documentation updates

Here are a few documentation updates you might be interested in:

Want to keep an eye on all of the documentation updates? Check out the Cost Management and Billing doc change history in the azure-docs repository on GitHub. If you see something missing, select Edit at the top of the document and submit a quick pull request.


What’s next?

These are just a few of the big updates from last month. Don’t forget to check out the previous Azure Cost Management and Billing updates. We’re always listening and making constant improvements based on your feedback, so please keep the feedback coming.

Follow @AzureCostMgmt on Twitter and subscribe to the YouTube channel for updates, suggestions, and methods. It’s also possible to share concepts and vote up others within the Value Administration suggestions discussion board or be a part of the analysis panel to take part in a future examine and assist form the way forward for Azure Value Administration and Billing.

We all know these are attempting occasions for everybody. Finest needs from the Azure Value Administration and Billing workforce. Keep protected and keep wholesome.


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