June 17, 2024


Getting occasions to Cloud Run

There are already different methods to get occasions to Cloud Run, so that you would possibly marvel what’s particular about Eventarc? I’ll get to this query, however let’s first discover a kind of methods, Pub/Sub.

As proven on this Utilizing Pub/Sub with Cloud Run tutorial, Cloud Run companies can obtain messages pushed from a Pub/Sub matter. This works if the occasion supply can straight publish messages to a Pub/Sub matter. It will possibly additionally work for companies which have integration with Pub/Sub and publish their occasions by means of that integration. For instance, Cloud Storage is a kind of companies and on this tutorial, I present obtain updates from a Cloud Storage bucket utilizing a Pub/Sub matter within the center. 

For different companies with no integration to Pub/Sub, you need to both combine them with Pub/Sub and configure Pub/Sub to route messages to Cloud Run or you might want to discover one other approach of sourcing these occasions. It’s potential however positively not trivial. That’s the place Eventarc comes into play. 

Quick advantages of Eventarc 

Eventarc gives a better path to obtain occasions not solely from Pub/Sub matters however from a variety of Google Cloud sources with its Audit Log and Pub/Sub integration. Any service with Audit Log integration or any utility that may ship a message to a Pub/Sub matter may be occasion sources for Eventarc. You don’t have to fret concerning the underlying infrastructure with Eventarc. It’s a managed service with no clusters to arrange or keep. 

It additionally has some concrete advantages past the simple integration. It gives consistency and construction to how occasions are generated, routed, and consumed. Let’s discover these advantages subsequent.

Simplified and centralized routing

Eventarc introduces the notion of a set off. A set off specifies routing guidelines from occasion sources to occasion sinks. For instance, one can hear for brand spanking new object creation occasions in Cloud Storage and route them to a Cloud Run service by merely creating an Audit Log set off as follows:


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