June 17, 2024


The design contains community components as follows.

Cloud service supplier configuration

  • Router- The on-prem setup makes use of two pairs of routers positioned in two areas. From a Google Cloud perspective, a cloud service supplier and the on-prem knowledge facilities use the identical OSI layer 2 multi-access gigabit ethernet expertise. On this instance, meaning a complete of 4 routers. One pair of routers exists within the New York zone and one other pair exists within the Ashburn area. Every router connects to a unique Google peering edge for redundancy.

Exterior BGP (EBGP)
BGP, or Border Gateway Protocol, is the routing protocol used for dynamic route alternate. The shopper can promote the route it desires to be seen on each side of the connection.

Cloud Router
In every Google Cloud area within the diagram, a single cloud router is configured with VLAN attachments that set up a pair of Cloud Interconnect knowledge hyperlink connections to the on-prem and the cloud service supplier community.

Cross-Cloud Interconnect configuration

  • VLAN attachments – Cloud Interconnect is a 10/100 GigabitEthernet trunk. Customers configure VLAN attachments with a VLAN ID that’s related to a cloud router.
  • Cloud Router might be configured to announce a restricted subset of prefixes utilizing customized route commercials, or it may be configured to announce all recognized subnet routes to its BGP peer.

As soon as configurations are full, your exterior environments can talk with Google Cloud.

Community Connectivity Heart

Community Connectivity Heart permits you to join your on-premises, Google Cloud, and different cloud enterprise networks via a single, centralized logical hub on Google Cloud, connecting a number of on-prem websites and different clouds over the Google Cloud community spine.

The design under reveals one different cloud and three on-prem websites utilizing totally different connection choices.


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