May 26, 2024


Accelerating your AI innovation at scale

With a full vary of high-performance, cost-efficient AI inference decisions powered by GPUs and TPUs, Google Cloud is uniquely positioned to empower organizations to speed up their AI workloads at scale: 

“Our crew is a large fan of Google Cloud’s AI infrastructure resolution and we use Google Cloud G2 GPU VMs for the ‘AI Filter’ characteristic in our AI pictures app, Remini, together with for the newest filters – ‘Barbie and Ken.’ Utilizing G2 VMs has allowed us to significantly decrease latency instances for processing by as much as 15 seconds per process. Google Cloud has additionally been instrumental in serving to us seamlessly scale as much as 32,00zero GPUs at peak instances like when our Remini app soared into the No. 1 total place on the U.S. App Retailer and right down to a every day common of two,00zero GPUs.” — Luca Ferrari, CEO and Co-Founder, Bending Spoons

“Cloud TPU v5e persistently delivered as much as 4X higher efficiency per greenback than comparable options out there for working inference on our manufacturing mannequin. The Google Cloud software program stack is optimized for peak efficiency and effectivity, taking full benefit of the TPU v5e hardware that was purpose-built for accelerating essentially the most superior AI and ML fashions. This highly effective and versatile mixture of hardware and software program dramatically accelerated our time-to-solution: as an alternative of spending weeks hand-tuning customized kernels, inside hours we optimized our mannequin to satisfy and exceed our inference efficiency targets.” — Domenic Donato, VP of Know-how, AssemblyAI

“YouTube is utilizing the TPU v5e platform to serve suggestions on YouTube’s Homepage and WatchNext to billions of customers. TPU v5e delivers as much as 2.5x extra queries for a similar value in comparison with the earlier technology.” — Todd Beaupré, Director of Product Administration, YouTube

To get began with Google Cloud GPUs and TPUs, attain out to your Google Cloud account supervisor or contact Google Cloud gross sales.

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