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With event-driven architectures, it’s fairly frequent to learn occasions from a supply in a single area or undertaking and route them to a vacation spot in one other area or one other undertaking. Let’s check out how one can implement cross-region and cross-project occasion routing in Google Cloud.

Cross-region occasion routing is simple in Google Cloud, whether or not you’re utilizing Pub/Sub immediately or Eventarc. Pub/Sub routes messages globally. When functions hosted in any area publish messages to a subject, subscribers from any area can pull from that subject. Eventarc lets you route occasions throughout areas by making a set off within the area of the occasion’s supply and specifying a vacation spot in a unique area. For extra particulars, check out my earlier weblog publish on Eventarc places. 

Cross-project occasion routing can also be a non-issue in Pub/Sub. You may create a subject in a single undertaking and publish to that subject from one other undertaking. With Eventarc, then again, you may solely route occasions in a single undertaking. Nonetheless, it is attainable to ship occasions throughout tasks in Eventarc by utilizing Pub/Sub because the cross-project transport and Eventarc because the in-project transport.

To recap, Eventarc has three set off varieties: Pub/Sub triggers, Cloud Storage triggers, and Cloud Audit Logs triggers to route corresponding occasions to Cloud Run. Let us take a look at the right way to route every occasion kind throughout two tasks with Eventarc.


To route Pub/Sub messages throughout tasks with Eventarc, you have to arrange the Pub/Sub subject within the vacation spot undertaking and join that subject to a Cloud Run service with a Pub/Sub set off.  Then, exterior companies or customers in a supply undertaking can publish to that subject immediately.

PubSub + EventArc

On this strategy, Pub/Sub is used for cross-project transport and Eventarc is used for in-project transport.

Cloud Storage

Constructing on the identical thought, you may route Cloud Storage occasions throughout tasks with Pub/Sub within the center. As earlier than, you create a Pub/Sub subject and hook up with a Cloud Run service with Eventarc within the vacation spot undertaking. Then, use the Pub/Sub notifications for Cloud Storage function to arrange object notifications from the bucket within the supply undertaking to the Pub/Sub subject within the vacation spot undertaking:

gsutil notification create -t tasks/$PROJECT2/subjects/$TOPIC -f json gs://$BUCKET

The setup is much like the previous instance with Pub/Sub getting used for cross-project transport.

Cloud Storage + EventArc

Cloud Audit Logs

Cloud Audit Logs lets you entry 100+ companies as occasion sources in Eventarc. With the logging sinks function, you may route Audit Logs entries to a Pub/Sub subject in one other undertaking. On this setup, you continue to have a Pub/Sub subject within the vacation spot undertaking and configure the kind of log entries to ship to that subject from the supply undertaking.

Audit Logs + EventArc

For instance, say you wish to route new Compute Engine VM creation occasions which have log entries within the following format:

You may create a logging sink to seize these log entries and route them to the Pub/Sub subject in your vacation spot undertaking:


Cross-region occasion routing is easy because of Google Cloud’s inherently international community. Cross-project occasion routing can also be simple because of Pub/Sub’s international nature. Whereas Eventarc doesn’t present cross-project occasion routing out of the field, you may benefit from Pub/Sub because the cross-project transport medium.

Try our cross-project eventing tutorial on GitHub for extra setup particulars and be at liberty to achieve out to me on Twitter @meteatamel for any questions or suggestions. 

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